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XADO treatment is an advanced form of Nano Technology which takes place at the atomic level and is principally based upon our worldwide patented compound which we call our “Revitalizants”. The “Revitalizants” are unique, with no other comparable products on the market today. XADO uses mechanical friction generated by engines or machinery and the microscopic metal particles present in your lubricant, whether it be oil or greases, and atomically re bonds these particles back into to the main metallic structure.

Metal Can Be Healed

Revitalizant: metal can be healed!
Visual demonstration of Revitalization process. Tested part with a special marking. After an hour of operation the defect was eliminated, we see a perfectly smooth ceramic-metal coating.

Scratched surface on bearing                                       After 15min of exposure to Revitalizant                            After 1 hour, the "healing" can be seen

Revitalization – is the process of bringing back to life, rejuvenation, “healing” of metal surfaces and elimination of defects. These are not just statements, it really works.



Revitalization Process

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XADO has been rigorously tested by TUV one of the most world’s largest and most respected test authority who unequivocally confirms that XADO works.







XADO Technology. Saves Fuel, Reduces CO, CO2 & NOX. Improves Performance


Saves Energy, Reduces Vibration, Improves Compression

What Our Clients Say

  • Come on everyone this is a MUST.
  • In my opinion and after trying
  • My Astra 2.2 had started to use oil
  • Today I have added the new 1 Stage
  • As a result: a Smart For Two
  • I have used the Xado engine

Come on everyone this is a MUST. Try their Xado Maximum Metal Conditioner for SUV & 4x4.. This sorted my high milage Jeep Cherokee, she was becoming noisy and using oil. I noticed thier name on one of their Mazda MX5's at the Donnington Mechanex Ehibition last year. I took a brochure but gave it not much further thought. Now wish I tried it earlier. Well done Xado. - by Harry Todd on 2/25/2015

In my opinion and after trying various other products this product Xado is one of the very few that really does work! I used Xado EX120 Petrol Engine Treatment in both of my cars and with great results. The engines runs much smoother and also found a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. One vehilce is now 187,000 miles and still going strong. Very pleased and definatley worth it.. - by William Thomas on 6/6/2013

My Astra 2.2 had started to use oil. A friend of mine mentioned that he had used the Xado 1 Stage Advanced Engine Revitalizant. After adding the product and running the car for a few days I noticed not only did my car stop burning oil (smoking had stopped) but the engine seed quieter. More than pleased - a 5 Star product and prompt delivery. - by Tony Blackman 3/16/2013

Today I have added the new 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant in addition to the Gearbox treatment to my 12,000 mile 58 reg 300c CRD SRT and after only travelling 100 miles today it has turned into a pocket rocket like my pervious 300c and it is so much smoother running. The 300c Mercedes auto Gearbox is pretty slow but the treatment has improved the kick down reaction by at least 40% and the engine torque by as much as 50% due to an increase in compression.

As a result: a Smart For Two, which should have been overhauled is still running as a delivery car. My father's Nissan Primera has better fuel consumption and the timing chain rattle can hardly be heard. A Mitsubishi colt CZ1 1.1 which is known for its noisy engine became really friendly too. A Suzuki SX4 became much more frugal than it was before. I already ordered my next gel pack for my current Nissan Almera too. by Artur on 09/27/2010>

I have used the Xado engine as well as the automatic transmission treatment. Described as 1 Stage Revitalizant for the engine and EX120 Revitalizant for the automatic gearbox. I added them to my 2001 Honda CRV, which now has 157,000 miles on the clock, as exhaust emissions were starting to rise. Xado was a recommendation from a friend. I have had good results, so far so good. The engine definitley is smoother and responsive.